As a leading company in the foundry industry, JK Technocast has a manufacturing facility in Rajkot, Gujarat. 

In order to produce technologically superior casting components, JK Technocast uses a specific, yet continuous, production process. From melting, molding, and the core shop to development and quality control, JK Technocast takes every step necessary to create a suitable component in a short amount of time.



Castings of high quality have been developed swiftly with the help of the Company's investment in facilities.

CAD/CAM pattern facilities, equipped for rapid development of new castings, handle the entire process from initial tooling design to production tooling development.

Our methoding process uses simulation software-this ensures that shrinkage defects will be avoided, while maximizing yield and reducing delivery times.

Besides ensuring the proper maintenance and service of tooling, our Pattern Shop makes sure tools last as long as possible.

We can manufacture 250 MT/Month casting with our 21 21-inch Cupola furnace.